Monday, July 20, 2015

A Message from our founder....

Coming up on the 46th Anniversary of the Moon Landing I can’t help but think of some parallel between the Apollo Program and being a cancer patient. So for todays tip we ask you to look to the stars and think about this… 

The Apollo Program took more then 400,000 people to achieve its goal, every little detail to make someone live in a unlivable situation had to be thought of and made. Just like cancer thinking about how many people and man hours went into coming up with chemotherapy drugs, researching different types of cancer, and how many people trained your doctors and nurses to achieve the impossible. It is mind blowing to truly think about the amount of people that have come to together to move mountains and make you well again. 

So to celebrate Space week, look up at the moon or the stars, and then close your eyes and think, so many people are looking after me, all will be well. I have hope and faith. 


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