Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The concept of space

Space isn’t just a place where stars and planets are it is also something that a child needs to deal with their diagnosis and even after their treatment. Here is some advise for parents or for kids to have their parents read hopefully it will help with finding your space

Maureen Healy, MA, is a fromer art therapist and has this to say about giving kids space:

"Give them Space: Your son or daughter may or may not want to “talk about it” due to their personality, temperament and situation. As a highly effective parent, you need to give your child the space to process his or her emotions by themselves. Every child is learning what emotions are (identification), what to do with them (regulation) and how to do it (approach) so during this process of feeling deep emotions – many boys and girls need to sit with an emotion like sadness, and then with your assistance (when they are ready) learn to let it go (talk about it). But giving a child the space and allowing them the time they need to feel strong enough or comfortable enough to talk about it is very respectful.” 

it is important they have their own space to deal with their feelings and come to terms with everything that is going on, however here is a good way both parent and child can come to together and possible share some feelings, Be Creative Together, do one of our Splurge Crafts together or make a piece of art you can bring to your hospital room to brighten it up, and try talking some during it and see what happens, it may be the perfect thing to allow you to communicate and still have space. 

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