Friday, July 31, 2015

SPLURGE! on taking time to learn something NEW!

Sometimes there is no better feeling than accomplishing a new task or hobby. That is why for this week's SPLURGE! Friday we would like for you to try something new and teach yourself an unexplored terrain.
Whether that is learning how to cook a new meal or tackle a local bike path, go out on a limb! According to "Learning can improve your cognitive abilities, add a new dimension to your life, and encourage you to look, listen and learn more about the world around you."

As you may already know, chemotherapy can have huge impacts on the everyday workings of your brain, that is why continually seeking out innovative tasks for your brain can be so important.

Here are just a few suggestions for this SPLURGE! Friday....
  1. Learn a new language
  2. Learn to cook a new meal 
  3. Try gardening [such as growing your own produce]
  4. Ride a bike
  5. Pick up a new book
  6. Learn how to play chess
  7. Learn how to knit--which is great for those who have started the process of hair loss!
  8. Take an online course

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