Thursday, July 30, 2015

#TBT & A Little Christmas in July.....

Today's program resource, we are throwing it back to our 2011 Giving Tree Program to showcase a little holiday spirit in July! This particular year's themes were.......

Hollywood Glamour

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

What is Teen with a Dream's Giving Tree Program?
Every holiday season we conjure up two fun and innovative themes for our two Giving Trees that we put up at Rocky Mountain Children's Hospital. Every trinket that we decide to put up on our tree's are carefully thought through and have every patient that walks through their doors in mind. We ensure to have a wide range of accessories that will be wonderful for all ages.

What is the purpose of our Giving Tree Program
The Giving Tree program assists in accomplishing a core part of our mission to provide aid and comfort in pediatric cancer patient's physical environments by providing engaging, enriching and most importantly fun accents to make going to doctors appointments a little less sterile.

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