Tuesday, August 11, 2015

10 Simple Techniques to Prepare your Little One to go to School

It seems like getting your little one ready for school can be quite the task. From simply getting them ready in the morning to actually preparing them for school itself-we want to share a few ways to make the transition from home to school easier. It is our hope that these steps are applicable to those who are participating in home school as well! Additionally, as always, this list is great for pediatric cancer patients as well as those who are not [siblings and beyond!].

  1. Play board games to encourage the concept of taking turns--this could be great for those who have long treatment days!
  2. Reading to your child at least 20 minutes a day, encourage interaction as you read. Ask them questions.
  3. Although pediatric cancer patients are unable to frequently go to public places due to the high level of germs--come up with sanitary ways to host play dates of different ages to prepare them to interact on a multitude of levels
  4. Encourage clean-up right after activity as this will be a task they are expected to complete in school
  5. Ensure that you are giving them 1 step and 2 step directions to encourage the concept of following through
  6. Have your child sort out various items according to a particular specification e.i. color, shape, size
  7. Although high levels of activity may be difficult for pediatric cancer patients, encourage any sort of physical stimulation [this would be a great thing to consult and work with their doctor]
  8. Encourage your child to draw on plain old paper. Teen with a Dream whole heartedly believes in the benefits of art therapy has on coping with cancer
  9. Specifically in regards to pediatric cancer patients, discuss with your child their plan to react/discuss their cancer if it is brought up by their friends. Discuss what key words or phrases will make them feel most comfortable
  10. After a day at school encourage them to discuss their day what were their favorite parts, what were their least? How can these help them grow. 

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