Monday, August 10, 2015

What Teachers Should Know & Ask if Their Student is a Pediatric Cancer Patient [Elementary School Edition]

Teaching is one of the hardest jobs, but also one of the most joy filled. To impart knowledge and empower children to be strong individuals truly is an amazing talent and career. 

Here is a check list of things you should know if you have a child with cancer in your class. 

1. What type of cancer they had and the side effects.
2. Things to watch for medical and emotionally after all you do see the child for a large chunk of hours each day. 
3. A plan for absences. 
4. As teachers pushing children forward to learn is a big part of what you do, but cancer patients and cancer survivors can’t always be pushed because sometimes its a large issue that is holding them back, its important to ask and see what things effect them so that you know that line. 
5. What are signs to look for that the child may need more help outside of the classroom
6. Contact information to contact parents with the most amount of ease. 
7. What goals/wants does the child want in their education.
8. What are any rules and regulations your school/districts have on situations like this, and if they aren’t effective how to make them more effective. 
9. Also ask questions you feel may better help you, cancer families at the point of reentry into school have spent 1,2,  or even 3 years dealing with this so they will be very knowledgeable on the patient side.

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