Saturday, August 8, 2015

Things Parents Should Let Their Child’s Teacher Know [Elementary School Edition]

Back to school after going through treatment is a hard thing, so here is a check list of things you should let your child’s teacher know to hopefully allow for a easier transition back into school. Just never forget that your child went through something very difficult so reentering school isn’t easy for everyone. 

  1. What type of cancer did your child have and a little about it
  2. Estimated time away, if you have this it may be best to share in advance however explain that cancer and being a cancer survivor has many variables. 
  3. Possible side effects or the side effects your child is dealing with
  4. Information on your child’s doctor/medical team should be updated at the school =. 
  5. Ask to create a plan to help ease absences. 
  6. If you think setting some realist goals for your child is helpful, ask the teacher for help in whatever goals you think. 
  7. Important details, example if your child now has a heart condition because of treatment, or if you have to be away from school that year if there is a very severe flu season. 
  8. It’s important to let them know that illness will most likely effect your child longer because of their treatment. 
  9. Also important to know that fatigue is a constant battle to overcome and a break is sometimes needed. 
  10. Explain what Chemo Brain is, Chemo Brain is a very real side effect that chemotherapy has that can almost be described has living in a fog, it makes your reaction to recalling things and learning things slower and can be very frustrating to the child and the teacher, it is important that teacher know what this is and does research on their one to see what style of teaching will help overcome this issue.

Exchange and establish the best form for contacting each other is also important to building an ongoing relationship. 

We could never write out all the things someone should know about childhood cancer because their is so much, so hopefully these are some of the most important ones, every year at back to school we will come up with more, and if you have any that are important to you make sure you voice them and let your child’s teacher know.

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