Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Look to yourself, Document your journey

Inspiration can be hard to come by when you are going through treatment and even after treatment. This is a program we love doing at Teen with a Dream and and thanks to the magic of technoledgy everyone can do it now, make a video diary, weather its every day or just once a week record your journey. Get done, how you are feeling, how you look, important events or activities you did, things that make you upset, or things that make you happy during your time. Then you can look back at it from time to time and see what an inspiration you are! Look at what you have gone through, and you are doing it! It is a hard thing to know unless you can actually see yourself and what you have been through.

If your not into the video diary thing, do a photo diary and/or just a diary/joural.

For those of you who have apple products there is an app you can load called MVD that makes it easy to make a video one.

and what better month to start then Childhood Cancer Month.

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