Thursday, September 17, 2015

#TBT: Seeking Out the Silver Linings in Chemo

For our Throwback Thursday Post, we wanted to share with you one of our past posts that is similar to the topics we are discussing this month.

Yesterday we discussed 6 Steps You Can Take to Give Your Emotional Health a Makeover which will ultimately help you embrace changes around you and cope with them effectively.

One of the first steps we shared was to:
  1. Look at situations from multiple perspectives--seek out perspectives you may not typically consider.
One major change that you will undergo when being diagnosed with cancer is the seemingly endless doctor appointments and treatment days. 

This is a huge adjustment and that is why we would like to give you a few different perspectives on this change in our #TBT post about Seeking out the Silver Linings in Chemo 

Here is a quick look at just one of our Silver Lining Examples:
  • Seek out friendships on treatment days. By having someone to confide in or even just have around on treatment days, provides you something to look forward to.  
    • The Silver Lining: Prepare yourself on treatment days as going to “hang out” or see your friends at the center.

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