Monday, September 28, 2015

Tips & Tricks: Creating your Digital Medical Record Library

We are constantly surrounded by a digital world, technology is an essential aspect of our daily lives. You may have noticed a huge shift in medical records going digital at your doctors office--today we are going to share how YOU can keep your personal medical records in a digital format at home.

Why would creating a digitalized copy of my medical record be helpful?

  • This record is always available when you need it--it may come in handy when you least expect it
  • This record could help you keep track of everything in an organized manner and will assist in managing insurance claims, financials and other important information that external institutions may need
  • This record is for you--write it out how you and your family would understand it
What information should I include in my record?

If you participated in our Summer Research Project you may already have the following information that would be needed in your digital record
  • Diagnosis date
  • Your specific cancer information including type and stage
  • Copies of diagnostic test results
  • Copies of blood counts or other treatment test results [organize by date]
  • Complete treatment information 
  • Full overview of medications and possible side effects
  • Thorough analysis of side effects experienced [include causes if known other wise, keep a record of possible factors]
Additional Information that should be in your digital record
  • Complete Doctor contact and treatment center information
  • A big picture schedule, such as milestones you have discussed with the doctor. If you would like to take this a step further keep an updated digital schedule of appointments 
  • Family health history 
  • Emergency Contacts
Now that I have created my Digital Medical Record Library what should I do next?
  • Make sure to save your record in multiple places such as transferring it to your mobile or tablet device for easy and portable access 
  • Also make sure to save this record on a USB/Flash Drive 

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