Monday, March 23, 2015

Tips + Tricks to Chemo: Combatting Mouth + Dental Problems

Mouth sores + dental problems are a likely side effect that can have a significant impact on your daily comfort. Getting kids to brush their teeth can already be a difficult task, but adding in mouth sores may make it that much harder! 
A soft tooth brush is key! After some research we found that Nimbus Microfine Extra Soft Toothbrush is one of the top choices when choosing a soft + sensitive toothbrush.

What makes it so great?

NIMBUS Microfine is built with the “do not harm” motto in every toothbrush. It is designed to be effective, gentle, trauma-free + is perfect for kids! 
They are effective with getting rid of plaque with and ultra gentle feel.
Check out the “kids” tab on their website

Where can I buy one?

You are able to order these toothbrushes directly from NIMBUS here.

Or you can purchase them on Amazon here

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